Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches

Super Engineering Works is a very reputed name in the industry, when it comes to premium quality Toggle Switches. We manufacture and supply advanced Toggle Switches that are designed with help of latest technology and therefore are able to withstand the test of time. In addition to long life, these Toggle Switches have perfect dimensional accuracy, which makes them fit exactly in the slots made for them.

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Available in different sizes and specifications, these Toggle Switches have been often called as the best available in the Indian market. Tested for quality and performance standards, which are at par with those being followed internationally; the Toggle Electrical Switch that we offer have earned us good will and trust of our clients. We are counted among the finest Toggle Switches Manufacturers and suppliers because of the impeccable quality and performance of this product.

SPST (ON-OFF) 601 6A
SPDT (ON-ON) 602 6A
SPDT MOM one side {ON}-OFF-ON 604 6A
SPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 605 6A
SPST (ON-OFF) 1001 10A
SPDT (ON-ON) 1002 10A
SPDT (ON-OFF-ON) 1003 10A
SPDT MOM one side {ON}-OFF-ON 1004 10A
SPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 1005 10A
SPST (ON-OFF) 1501 15A
SPDT (ON-ON) 1502 15A
SPDT (ON-OFF-ON) 1503 15A
SPDT MOM one side {ON}-OFF-ON 1504 15A
SPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 1505 15A


DSPT (ON-OFF) 601 6A
DPDT (ON-ON) 602 6A
DPDT MOM one side {ON}-OFF-ON 604 6A
DPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 605 6A
DPST (ON-OFF) 1001 10A
DPDT (ON-ON) 1002 10A
DPDT (ON-OFF-ON) 1003 10A
DPDT MOM one side {ON}-OFF-ON 1004 10A
DPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 1005 10A
DPST (ON-OFF) 1501 15A
DPDT (ON-ON) 1502 15A
DPDT (ON-OFF-ON) 1503 15A
DPDT MOM one side  {ON}-OFF-ON 1504 15A
DPDT MOM both side {ON}-OFF-ON 1505 15A


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