Industrial Plug

Industrial Plug

Super Engineering Works is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality industrial plugs and sockets designed keeping in mind the sustainability, durability, cost-effectiveness, lastingness, safety, and reliability. Proper scrutinization and testing of the industrial plugs is done before launching them in the market.

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Features and benefits of Industrial plugs are:

  • Industrial plugs are splash-proof, environment-friendly, have low maintenance and high performance.
  • They provide high protection from indirect contacts since the ground contact is the first to be established and the last to separate.
  • Ensures good grip and easy handling
  • Rugged thermoplastic housings provide excellent corrosion resistance, resist impact or abuse.
  • Color codes for different voltage frequencies of plugs
  • Accidents are prevented by safe connections.
  • Loss of cost and time is prevented due to maintenance by durable equipment.
  • Increased productivity is achieved due to the prevention of power breaks and stops by reliable contacts.
  • Easy, critical, safe, fast and tough for different types of basic and demanding applications.
  • Short downtime

Industrial plugs have various types of applications such as

  • Used for food and beverage as these withstand high temperature, pressure, and chemical detergents.
  • Perfect for event application and blended in with dark surroundings when there is a requirement to be invisible.
  • Meets strict demands connected with transport of goods that require temperature regulation.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Shipyards and construction sites
  • Sports complexes and other places of public entertainment, film studios, and TV.
  • Chemical & Agriculture industry
  • Light & Heavy industries
  • Installations for EDP centers
  • Food industry
  • Airports & Ports
Industrial plugs are of various types:

BCH MP20 20A 2P+E Pin Plug – MP20

This plug has following features:

  • Reliable earth protection
  • Extremely safe: self-locking design
  • Metal clad plug
  • The plug cannot be pulled out in fully engaged position
  • Shrouded terminals for safety
  • Auto closing socket shutter

Plug IP67 5 Pin 125Amp

This plug has following features:

  • It is plug watertight IP-67: 125 Amp 5 Pin
  • Housing material used is polyamide, contact carrier is made of a material which is highly temperature resistant. Contacts and box terminals are brass nickel plated and weight/pcs is 1.235 kg.
  • Connection design is screw terminal as box terminal
  • Voltage is 200/346 up to 240/415V
  • Frequency is 50 and 60 Hz



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