Cam Rotary Switches

Cam Rotary Switches

We are listed among the finest CAM Rotary Switch Manufacturers and Suppliers based in New Delhi, India. We offer technologically advanced CAM Rotary Switches, which are available in SE and PS series. These specially designed CAM Rotary Switches come fitted with advanced switching versatility function.

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Stacked with add-on CAM, in which each CAM has separate contact block that is supported by a hexagonal centre shaft. Each CAM consists of premium grade silver contact tips that are used to transmit electrical or mechanical endurance test. Furthermore, to enhance the overall functionality of the CAM Operated Rotary Switches, we also use superior insulating materials that withstand high mechanical stress and electrical wear & tear. The panel mounted CAM Rotary Switches that we offer come in range of 6 Amp. to 150 Amp for SE type & 6 Amp. to 63 Amp for the PS type. We also adorn these rotary switches with colourful indicating plates, that can be made to request.


  • Cam Operated Rotary Switches (10 Amps. to 150 Amps.)
  • Programs numbers that are reflecting below available in both models i.e. SDV-SE and SDV-PS. (Note: 100 Amp. and 150 Amp. is available in SDV-SE series only)
  • Color Combination available in PS-Type Rotary Switch:
    • Red knob with yellow plate
    • White knob with blue plate
  • Color Combination available in SE-Type Rotary Switch:
    • Red knob with yellow plate
    • Black knob with gray plate
    • Blue knob with white plate


  • ON/OFF Mains
  • Changeover
  • Step Switches 2 through 12 Steps with or without 0 position
  • Motor Reversing Switches
  • Multiple Speed Switches
  • Voltmeter Selector Switches
  • Ammeter Selector Switches
  • Volt-Ammeter Switches
  • Group Switches
  • Maintenance Switches
  • Distribution Switches
  • safety Switches


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