AC Axial Fan

AC Axial Fan

Super Engineering Works is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of AC axial fans of high-quality international standards at reasonable prices. Our skilled team can also help you in making customized cooling solutions as per our customer’s specific requirements.

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AC Axial Fans General Specifications:

  • Operating temperature range:

– Ball Bearing -40C ~ 70C

– Sleeve Bearing -20C ~ 70C

  • Thermoplastic UL94V-0 or metal impeller
  • Terminal or 22awg lead wire power connection
  • Aluminum die-cast frame
  • High precision chrome steel ball bearings or bronze sintered sleeve
  • Dielectric Strength

– AC 1500V (50/60Hz) for one minute

  • Insulation Class B (unless otherwise noted)
  • Impedance or thermal protection
  • UL, cUL File E137077


– CE

Brushless AC Axial Fan and Impeller Options

Dual Voltage: Many AC axial fans and impellers are manufactured for either 230vac or 115vac operation and are available in a 230/115v dual voltage package. Each fan has 4 unique colored lead wires and wiring diagrams included on each fan can be followed to hook fans for 230v or 115v.

Environmental Protection: There are various options of environmental protection ranging from a light coating to full encapsulation in AC axial fans and an appropriate option can be chosen as per the model.

Conformal Coating – This type of coating is designed for light moisture exposure such as condensation. A treatment of thin coating is provided to the fan motor windings prior to installation into the fan frame

Encapsulated Motor – This has been tested to meet IP55 requirements and is designed for direct water exposure. Dust and water ingress are prevented by sealing the fan motor windings with potting material.

Encapsulation + Salt-Fog Protection – Corrosion from salt exposure is prevented by adding supplemental coating over all exposed areas of the fan motor. Water and dust ingress are prevented by sealing the fan motor windings with potting material.

Multiple Speed: Each model has 3 lead wires, black and brown wires are used for high-speed operation and black and blue wires are used for low-speed operation as AC axial fans and impellers have 2-speed options in the same unit.

DC Alarm Output: Some AC fans have a DC alarm signal. The various types of alarm are:

Tachometer output -1 pulse per revolution square wave output open collector signal is delivered by the signal for monitoring the fan performance. DC alarm circuit is driven by supplying the external DC power.

Locked rotor output – Low voltage is delivered by the signal during normal fan operation. Fan impeller stoppage or dropping below predetermined RPM level leads to signal change. External DC power must be supplied by the customer to drive the DC alarm circuit.

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